Earn Income from 150 Casinos

By bringing smart contracts into the gambling world, Sloties reimagine the entire online casino ecosystem. Your Slotie NFT brings you to the big boys’ table by entitling you to part of casinos’ income.

NFT Staking game
Profit sharing for holders
Passive income
20% rakeback at casinos
Early December
Slottie NFT Casino Man.

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Slotie Benefits and Broad Utility.

When you buy a Slotie, you’re not simply buying an item or a provably-rare piece of art. You’re gaining membership access to the Slotie Club whose benefits and offerings are as follows.

Passive Income

Holding a Slotie NFT can be seen as a partnership deal between holders, casinos, and Elia Software. Casinos pay 12% of their slot machines’ revenue as a commission to us for executing and distributing high quality gaming solutions for them. We share 80% of our NFT-based slot machine revenue to the Slotie owners on a monthly basis.

NFT Staking

The Slotie community becomes the house in 150 casinos by adding NFTs to the slot machines. You can think of it as  DeFi  gambling, where you can invest any of your NFTs into the slot machine and earn high returns on your investment. 

Up to 20% Rakeback in 150 Casinos.

Slotie owners will become the VIP members of each of the 150+ casinos we partner with and have up to a 20% rakeback guarantee.

Breed your Sloties

In the NFT world, machines can breed. Slotie owners can breed their Sloties to create another series of NFTs called Junior Sloties. Owning a Junior Slotie literally doubles the profit for the Slotie holder. You'll need a total of 1800 WATTs and 2 Sloties to breed

A New Token - WATTS

WATTs is a token which acts like the energy in the Sloties’ world. WATTs are generated on a daily basis. Every Slotie owner gets 10 WATTs tokens daily. You will have enough WATTs to breed your Sloties in 3 months. For those who can’t wait to get their Junior Sloties, there’s the opportunity to buy tokens from other owners on the secondary market.


Slotie Holders can win WATTs, cash ($10,000 weekly), NFTs or free spins in a weekly lottery. Any Slotie holder can enter the lottery and test their luck.


Our plans moving forward into 2022.

Q3, 2021

Slot Machine Development

With 10+ years of game development experience, the team came up with the ambitious plan to reinvent slot machines by bringing blockchain technologies to the gambling industry.

Q4, 2021

Presale / Sale

19:00 UTC 7th December - Presale starts


Rarity Sniper Integration

Track your Slotie's rarity with the largest NFT community in the world, Rarity Sniper. Sloties will be listed on Rarity Sniper and be seen by NFT holders worldwide.

Q1, 2022

Lottery Ticket Generation

To reward our early adopters, the very first Slotie Lottery will have a grand prize of 10 ETH. Each week following, Slotie holders can participate in a weekly lottery for cash prizes, WATTs tokens, NFTs and free spins in our partner casinos.

Integrating with 25 Partner Casinos

The road to mass adoption begins as our first 25 partners will introduce the Slotie NFT game into their casinos. All Slotie NFT holders will have:

1. Passive income from the slot game,

2. Ability to stake NFTs into the slot game & generate additional income,

3. Up to 20% rakebacks in partner crypto casinos,

4. WATTs tokens generated daily by Slotie NFTs,

Q2, 2022

Launch of the Marketplace

The Launch of the Slotie Marketplace will allow you to trade your WATTs and Sloties without expensive gas costs. The faster and lower fee transactions of our Marketplace will give Holders more liquidity to trade their WATTs and NFTs.

Integration with 50 Casinos

Slotie NFT adoption increases as 50 of our partners fully integrate the Slotie game. VIP membership access will be valid in all casinos hosting Sloties, and passive income rewards increase drastically.

Breeding the Second Generation - Junior Sloties

The ability to breed your Sloties for Junior Sloties begins.

Q3, 2022

Junior Sloties' New Crypto Game Development Starts

Trade, earn, and double your profits with Junior Sloties, while the Junior Slotie game is under development.

Third Wave of Crypto-Casino Integrations (75 Partners)

The third wave of Slotie adoption begins as 75 of our Casino partners fully integrate the NFT slot game. Once again, passive income nearly doubles for Slotie holders.

To be announced.

Slotie Specifications and Rarity.

Slotie is a collection of 10,000 unique NFT tokens on a ERC-721 smart contract, levitating on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Slotie is exceptional, some classy, some crazy. All of them have different attributes and perks: Rakeback from partner casinos, Lottery Tickets, Watts generation for breeding, etc.

Every Slotie is unique.

20 Pieces
21 Pieces
31 Pieces
21 Pieces
31 Pieces
31 Pieces
11 Pieces


We are working on integrating the Slotie NFT game with 150 partner casinos. Slotie owners will have all the benefits in any of our partnered casinos. Partnership agreements with casinos will be announced as the roadmap shows. 


Slotie NFT is created by Elia Software - a leading gaming software organization serving 150+ digital casinos. We are providing casinos with games, casino engines, payment integrations, as well as all of the other necessary features to build the best products.

More about us

Tas Nicolaou
product owner
John Hrzic
Brianna Quintero
head of communication
Nelly Cyprichova
digital marketing
David Tonson
game design
Nick Bunia
Software Engineer
Marc Gibson
smart contract
Lukas Tiik
art director

Frequently Asked Questions

Slotie NFTs are unique ERC-721 tokens created on Ethereum blockchain, that bring multi-utility benefits to their owners.
The owner of Slotie NFTs will get the following benefits:

1. Ability to stake any of their NFTs in our partner casinos' slot games and get revenue share from house edge.

2. Passive income from our new slot-game that will be distributed in our partner casino chain.

3. VIP membership in our network, that grants each NFT holder a rakeback.

4. Tickets to our weekly "scratch and win" lotteries.

5. Ability to generate Watts – a unique internal currency, with which holders can breed a 2nd. Generation Slotie NFTs, that will be launched in Q3 2022.
We are a team of game developers with an experience of more than 10 years in gambling industry.

We are partnered with over 120+ online casinos and our team has produces more than 30 online slot games.

Our greater vision is to pioneer in decentralizing the gambling industry by involving large casino chains into NFT world.
You can search for our ongoing partners on our website:

In 2022 Slotie NFT holders will be benefiting from VIP membership and passive income in more than 50 of our partner casinos that have signed the memorandum of partnership with our game-development company Elia Software.

In Q3 2022 a 2nd Generation Slotie NFTs will start launching.
Minting (presale) will take place on 7th of December at 19:00 UTC.
Presale price of Slotie NFT will be 0.08 Eth, while the public sale price will be 0.16 Eth.
Our goal is to encourage a healthy community of Slotie NFT holders, which is why max. of 3 Slotie NFTs can be minted per whitelisted account.
2,500 will be minted on presale;

7,000 on public sale;

500 will be awarded as giveaways;